Naomi red flowersWe believe senior portraits don't have to be boring.

We believe in community and empowerment. We are stronger together than apart.
We believe we have the power to build a better world.
We are the new revolution.

We believe todays teens are tomorrows future, and in giving them the tools to succeed while
providing an unforgettable experience.

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 MUSEnation brings real life modeling experiences, mentorship, confidence and skill building to teens and high school seniors as well as a strong marketing platform for senior portrait photographers looking to offer their clients an experience they won't find elsewhere. We offer a supportive community of like-minded individuals, coaching, and mentorship to studios looking to build a solid Senior Model Program.

   corinnalakeaOur MUSES have modeled both locally and nationally, making them leaders among their peers. Last years MUSES were featured in national magazines and a photography book from a major publisher now sold at Barnes & Noble and Amazon; worked with their states' Board Of Tourism, PBS Television, modeled for local designers and boutiques on the runway, and modeled for photography instructors in Las Vegas at the nations largest photography convention.

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 Our photographers participate in monthly educational webinars, receive tools and ideas to continually stay on top of industry trends and set a few of their own. We also feature both our MUSE models and our photographers on our blog and in a national magazine, as well as special spotlight features with our industry sponsors.